In this brief video, Gidon explains what is happening in the halls of the Knesset, and why he has been able to meet, and get audiences with so many members of the Knesset (MKs), as well his perspective on how the Knesset has most dramatically changed over time.


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    Thank you, Gidon, for sharing this! I’m so glad to hear that Israel is going down the right path–G-d’s. Unfortunately for Christians here, the Canadian Government is very close to passing a new law for euthanasia and assisted suicide. Our dollar is declining, as is our economy in general, not to mention oil prices. One newly-elected Liberal Government official has already slandered Israel. He was called out on it on the floor of the House of Commons by our now-opposition Conservative Party. I want Stephen Harper back as our Prime Minister. It’s hard to let go and let G-d, even though I know that this patch of Earth is not really our home.

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