Hi! This campaign is over. See you next year!

We are excited about Root Source, Israeli Jews teaching Christians Worldwide, and we hope you are too!

We only launched in September, and already are getting great feedback from our subscribers.

In honor of the Christmas Holiday season, we are pleased to give you a chance to bless yourself and a friend at the same time, with a one-year Root Source subscription.

Buy an Annual Turtle Dove Subscription for just $140, and get ONE free Annual Plan for a friend.

Buy an Annual Ewe Lamb Subscription for just $189 and get TWO free Annual Plans for two friends.

Redemption codes will be emailed to you in the form of gift cards so that you can print or email them as a gift. Redemption codes are good for 90 days, but you must purchase by December 25th. This is our way of saying thank you during this season of cheer and kindness, for telling others about Root Source.

EXAMPLE  #1.  Suppose you have a friend who loves Israel, and you would like to give them the gift of learning Hebrew for a year!  Then just buy an annual subscription to Root Source for $140 for yourself, and you will be emailed a special redemption code gift card that you can print and put in their stocking.  (Or buy an annual subscription for $189 and get two redemption codes). Tell them you wanted to give them a One Year Course on Hebrew!  They can redeem their code on our site within 90 days, but because their Root Source lessons never go away, they don’t have any pressure to start watching immediately, and when they do begin, they can watch them at their own pace. They always have the freedom “change channels” to some other topics during the coming year.  Their subscription is just like your subscription EXCEPT that their gift subscription is fixed for one year and will not automatically renew.

EXAMPLE  #2.  Suppose you want to start a study group with two friends on Moses and/or the sayings of Famous Rabbi’s in Chapters of the Fathers!  So you buy an annual subscription to Root Source for $189, split the cost 3 ways and have the benefit of blessing the nation of Israel with the purchase. You each get your own  Root Source login account and can therefore watch our lessons 24/7 on your own time. Then come together every few weeks and discuss what you learned, and have fun! (By the way we also have large group class rates. Contact us for details).

Don’t forget, our signup page also offers monthly plans at everyday low prices, if you cannot afford an annual subscription.  To learn more about how Root Source subscriptions work, click here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Gidon and Bob


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