How it works

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Here is what happens:

  • Each of our Teachers has created their own courses, each consisting of one to seven lessons, where they teach a subject of interest to Christians.  Their styles are informal, loving and approachable.
  • You get complete access to ALL of our video lessons, to watch and enjoy over and over again!
  • Root Source members are invited – and encouraged! – to reach out to our teachers and interact with them, via comments on video lessons and blog posts, through email, and any other convenient way.
  • Root source provides a free newsletter (which you can unsubscribe from at any time) that provides timely news and exclusive content. You will love it!
  • Most importantly, Root Source is a community. We recognize that we are on the cutting edge of this important aspect of the End Times, that is, Christians and Jews reaching out to each other and building relationships based on shared values. We all believe that God wants His children to love one another, and Root Source provides a platform for just that.
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  • You will immediately find yourself eagerly looking for the next wonderfully refreshing lesson in Root Source!
Join Root Source, and you will find many ways to learn deeper and reach higher.