Bob O’Dell knows how many people want to visit Israel at least once in their lives, and do not know how it can happen. In this video he suggests a way to position yourself to “come to Israel”.

3 thoughts on “How you can come to Israel – Bob O’Dell”

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    Great comments, Bob and very hopeful. I desire to join your group in August, but our niece is getting married during that time, so it will not work out for us this time. I hope you will make more opportunities for groups to come and meet Jewish people as well as visit sites. It also looks like that one will be more affordable in comparison to others that I have seen.

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      Hi Cindy! Yes, thanks for noticing that we are trying to keep the Nations’ 9th of Av event in Jerusalem (August 10-16, 2019) to be affordable. If God wills it, I hope we can do it again in 2020 and beyond. Blessings, Bob.

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    Get your passport and be ready to go when the Lord makes a way! I, have a bad hearing problem
    and my husband has no desire to go but I am hopeful to make it when HaShem reveals it.

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