2020 Annual Report

Author: Gidon Ariel


| Published: December 30, 2020

2019 was a great year for Root Source, but (while it’s a little uncomfortable to say the same about 2020 because of Covid-19,) I have to report that 2020 was an even better, FANTASTIC year for us!

First of all, we hit most if not all of our goals that we set for ourselves as reported on https://root-source.com/current-events/root-source-annual-report-2019/.

Here is how we measured up in reality in 2020 compared to our plans:

  • We successfully transformed from a for-profit corporation to a not-for-profit organization! See our IRS letter of determination here: https://tinyurl.com/y7ts6gyy
  • We totally revamped our website to reflect our nonprofit status and mission, primarily removing payment for viewing teaching videos.
  • While we deferred retaining a Christian Outreach Director until our website and teacher systems are set up, we did make significant progress in fundraising, hiring two consulting companies, DSG and LSF, and are working with Dr. Rivkah Adler, a professional adult education administrator (and Root Source teacher) to raise the number of our faculty members from 12 to 100 by December 2021 (more about these below).
  • We participated in the Nations’ Ninth of Av virtual program.
    We ran three online fundraising campaigns, blessing our Israeli Jewish teachers with over $10,000, as we envisioned (see below).
  • We held one Root Source Live in Dallas in January 2020 with special guest teacher Rabbi Yehudah Glick (part one, part two), just before Covid-19 kicked in, prohibiting international travel. But instead, we held many online events with people from all over the world participating!
  • We have numerous Root Source Press books in the pipeline, expecting to publish and release in early 2021, but we came in under the wire with Five Years with Orthodox Jews (official celebratory launch to be held in January 2021).

Besides the above, we:

  • Created the Root Source promotional video.
  • Launched our new website.
  • Fielded questions from our Internet friends, for example these two blog posts.
  • Did the Bless Teachers Zoomathon and raised close to $10,000.
  • Did a young leaders’ virtual event for Mercury One (Glenn Beck’s NPO).
  • Gave a lecture in Hebrew about Pro Israel Christians to about 100 Israelis (translating this into English is on my to-do list).
  • Hosted the Root Source Chanukah Party for Christians.
  • Presented a Root Source Virtual Seder.
  • Taught about the Book of Ruth (my wife Devra).
  • Held the Root Source Live Sukkot Special with special guests Rabbi Daniel and Susan Lapin.
  • Held two episodes of Getting To Know You: Conversations with Thani from the UAE.
  • Launched Bridgebuilders, the list of leading activists in Christian-Jewish Engagement.
  • Held MANY (close to 500!) Zoom meetings with people from all over the world.
  • Participated in the Israel Government Press Office Christian Media Summit.
  • Participated in the ARISE networking summit and met with over 200 pro-Israel Christian and Jewish businessmen and women (ultimately having a networking meeting with dozens of them).
  • Participated in the Nations’ 9th of Av project.
  • Submitted a grant request to the Nathaniel Foundation and was awarded $40,000.
  • Raised over $14,000 through Givebutter.com fundraising campaigns since July 2020 from over 150 friends of Root Source.
  • Raised over $22,000 through our legacy subscribers from over 110 friends of Root Source.
  • Participated in the Leadership Institute Fundraising School.
    Worked (and continue to work) with 3-5 high-quality, low-cost Filipina virtual assistants.
  • Created an active Advisory board of more than 15 close friends (want to join? Contact me!).
  • Welcomed Gidon’s third grandson to the world, and celebrated #1‘s second birthday and #2‘s first birthday.

What are our plans for 2021?
With God’s help, we will:

  • Conclude the migration of our old site’s lessons to our new site and make progress on other aspects.
  • Work on upgrading the audio and visual aspects of our courses.
  • Continue to publish and upgrade our newsletter.
  • Start recruiting new teachers. We aspire to 100 teachers by December 2021.
  • Work towards localization of Root Source for communities in Africa, China, India, and more.
  • Hire a Christian Outreach marketing manager, towards expanding Root Source’s reach worldwide tenfold.
  • Host next year’s Bridgebuilders program.
  • Participate in the planning of the Nations’ Ninth of Av 2021.
  • Launch Root Source Conversations podcast project, interviewing fascinating people from all over the world.
  • Engage with like minded activists and organizations to launch joint educational ventures.
  • Publish four new titles on Root Source Press.
  • Build a robust donor list.
  • Work more on foundations.
  • Create gumroad widgets for our courses.
  • Probably welcome another grandchild or two into the family:-).
  • Accomplish other things I haven’t thought of yet;-).

Please be in touch with me or one of our staff or volunteer advisory board members to explore how you can help us achieve our vision and goals even better this year.

To make a financial contribution to root source, please use this link: https://givebutter.com/partnerRootSource or contact me at gidon@root-source.com.

Shalom from Jerusalem,
Gidon Ariel
Executive Director, Root Source

(Please Note: our management software and bookkeeping systems didn’t work so well this year:-) If you think you should be listed in a certain category and you are not, please contact us and we will make it good!)

Champion $25,000+
The Nathaniel Foundation

Partner $1000+
Ann Stacy
Galen Walters
Linda Traylor
Parthenia Antoine
Terry and Belinda Raines

Ewe Lamb Supporter $500+
Bob O’Dell
Chui Ling Catherine Lim
Cynthia Heaton
Dennis Northington
Don Mueller
Earl Cox
Gerry and Nancy Gardner
Louise Clarke
Paul West
Sydney Hewitt
Vicki Sarvadi
Zion’s Bridge

Turtle Doves Supporter $250+
Affordable Antiques
Alden Johnson
Bev Dennen
Bottomline Equestrian
Bruce Haase
Christine Darg
Diane Fortin
Elizabeth Werner
Geraldine Pinkston
Hastie Sandra
Henk De Haan
James Deyoung
Janet Vincent
Janna Anthony
John Talbot
Juanita Jordan
Julia Connor
Katerina Danek
Kingdomquest Ministries
Lois Kapustinsky
Marion Milstead
Michael Vantine
Pamela Reyes
Patricia Hogan
Rev David Swaggerty
Robert O’dell
Rose J Bechard
Shan Cain
Shelly Jones
Susan Bowles
Tamarine Henslee
Tony Burrow

Fine Flour Supporter $100+
Alan Bingham
Alicia Melton
Anita Klassen
April Bennett
Aundria Price
Barbara Hanner
Beverly A. Lydic
Bridge Connector
Bruce Connor
Carlito Balintec
Celine J. Butler
Charles Medina
Cheryl Ryan
Chris Romano
Christa Ackermann
Cindy Offenstein
Clinton Lalum
Connie Howard
Currency Card
Deborah Kriss
Denise Ishizu
Dik Van Der Pols
Dorothe Waidelich
Douglas Randell
Drake Fenn
Elaine Birdsong
Emma Redelinghuys
Erik Ross
Exploits Ministry /Jerusalem Channel
Fernando Garcia
Frederick Hager
Gary Preston
Georjean Allenbach
Go Think, Llc
Grace & Truth Deliverance Church
Hartmut Kraft
Helena Marmros
Irene Moser
Jamie Mccrary
Janice Curry
Juliane Jackson
Karen Thompson
Keith Chilson
Kenneth Reed
Kimberley Kincher
Krys Hunter
Lori Hinze
Lynda M Sipes
Marie Moniz
Mcwright International Zion’s Treasures
Michelle Cross
Noah Weisz
Pamela H Tobola
Paula Bergstrand
Rafael Colon Jr
Ralph Peil
Raquel Dewitt
Rebecca Southern
Richard Sanderson
Ruby Smith
Sandra Christiansen
Satheeja Santhi Velayudhan
Sharon Kuck
Silke Stein
Stefani J Kroschel
Vincent T Jordan
Wier Wood
William Schroeder

Friend Under $100
Amanda Kelly
Betty Conover
Bobby Sparks
Brian Croker
Carol Berry
Caz Jones
Chalk Hankins
Courtney Irby
Dana Rincon
Daniel Sirka
David Fischer
Diana Shelton
Elaine Flatto
Eleanor Covey
Elvin Langdon
Ernest Pendleton
Eva Vasquez Haglund
Financial Business Management
Frederica Barlaz
G S Weaver
Gale Drew
Garynda Arts
Genevieve Avraham
Gidon Ariel
Heather Taylor
Jan Cornish
Jennifer Clanton
Jonathan Feldstein
Joseph Fitzgerald
Joy Heylen
Joyce Toney
Judith Magnusson
Juliana Wagner
Julien Ryu
Katie Gregg
Keylanni D Jane
Kilee Adley
Kim Riley
Kimra Steckbeck
Laura Eubanks
Lauren Haase
Leo Van Der Wel
Leslie Savitz
Lex Cullen
Lorraine C Evans
Loving My King Worship Stylings
Marcus Richards
Margaret Makewell
Mari Fredlund
Mark Hubbard
Nancy K Smith
Naomi Mcnabb
Rachel Wiebe
Robbie Coleman
Robert D Parker
Robert M Isley
Rosemary Garlow
Ruth Ruibal
Samuel Solomon
Scott Martz
Shelley Neese
Sister Allenbach
Suneetha Chaparala
Suzette Orman
Thomas Waller
Wendy Halloun
Andrea Primus
Ann A Schwausch
Barbara Wilkins
Carol Greco
Jennifer Chrisman
Jimmilea Berryhill
Joanne Meeks
Kai Sinkkonen
Laura Densmore
Lisa Epperson
Sharon Hogeda
Timothy Mccurdy
Violet Braaten

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