The topic of Christians evangelizing Jews is not a subject we touch regularly at Root Source, however, when interviewing a end-times teacher and evangelist who has been very successful in reaching Muslims with the gospel of Jesus Christ, I (Bob) felt I could not move past that interview topic without asking her about how she interacts with Jews in general, and Gidon in particular.

In Part 2 of our interview Christine Darg tells the story behind the founding of Root Source, and the explanation from Orthodox Jew Gidon Ariel that made “all the difference” for her regarding how she, as worldwide evangelist, should interact with the Jews.

Part 2 of 4. (10:37)

3 thoughts on “Interview: Christine Darg – 2 – An Evangelist Among the Jews?”

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    Great interview! Great questions, great answers and much anointing upon it too! A great blessing – thank you both and thank you Lord

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    Thanks for asking questions we all want to hear answers to and can glean from for our own ministries today. What a great testimony of how our Lord knit your 3 hearts together to affect His end times with heartfelt love and fellowship. Powerful example of the forming of the one new man relationship. Look forward to the rest of the videos, SMB

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    Great interview–especially Christine Darg’s comments starting at 8:35 about the Ruach HaKodesh. Yes, it is only by revelation that an individual comes to faith in Yeshua, which as she says, is liberating and allows us to share in a gentle and relaxed freedom.

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