Root Source interviews Devra Ariel, the wife of Gidon Ariel. In part 5, Devra tells Bob about what “The Window of the Ark” has to do with this story, and Psalm 92. and how they are all changed forever.

Part 5 of 5. (9:44)

4 thoughts on “Interview: Devra Ariel – 5 – God and “The Window””

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    Abigail Wolfer

    Toda raba again, Devra, for sharing your experiences, your faith and your hope with us.

    I, too, believe Hashem has His hand in everything. Yet, there are some very dark things that happen because He has given us humans the freedom to choose and, oh my, the things we sometimes choose to do to one another.

    So there are things Hashem plans and things He simply allows. I believe He ultimately turns all He allows for good, too. But it sure is hard to see it sometimes.

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    Thank you Devra ,first of all, for your unwavering faith and for sharing your son’s journey of healing and the impact it made on your family. You inspire us to put our faith fully in Hashem during those times of fear and uncertainty. What an incredible witness you are to us Christians! May we also pursue the wholehearted trust you put in G-d and grow ever closer to Him as we follow your example!
    Would love to meet you in person – perhaps this year if I come for the 9th of Av!

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