I have a feeling that this series may be a favorite series for some of you. It started out when I, Bob O’Dell, wrote an article at Root Source a month earlier about the Prodigal Son. The article can be read here https://root-source.com/blog/studio-see-048-a-view-too-small-prodigal-son-story/

After reading that passage in Luke 15, Gidon Ariel suggested that next time I come to Israel he wanted to go on camera and comment about that passage. So we did exactly that. I set up the camera, turned it on….. and here is how it went down!

Part 1 of 3. (15:45)

Note: If you can’t wait until next week to for the next segment, you can click “NEXT” on this blog and watch part 2 immediately.

5 thoughts on “Interview: Gidon on Luke 15 Parables – The Lost Sheep”

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    Sandra Hastie

    I too am on the edge of my seat. Can’t wait and so excited to hear the rest of this teaching.

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    Louise Brislane

    Gideon has it right!! Jesus was a Rabbi/Teacher so he was using the Tenach & most of his parables were simply a midrash on the books of the Torah. So you can now see & should be able to understand more fully just why the Jewish Leaders were so incensed with what he was teaching.

    I am following you in my Complete Jewish study bible which would probably be a better translation to use than the one you are using because it speaks from a Jewish perspective which is why I like it.

    I am glad to see Gideon sharing with you this chapter.

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    Abigail Wolfer

    Wow! This is so exciting! I hope Gidon will be doing more videos like this!!! Thank you, Bob and Gidon!

    As for the CJB Study Bible, one of my favorites, it is also filled with commentary. It is not a straight translation any more than any translation is straight. But David Stern does explain a lot of his commentary in the Forward. Like Gidon (and I am guessing Bob, too), I use more than one translation when I am studying.

    Love this, love this, love this!

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