Root Source Interviews Sharon Sanders of Christian Friends of Israel, talks about how the church needs to wake up to the coming Kingdom, and the 2 teachers that influenced her thinking the most.

Part 3 of 3.

3 thoughts on “Interview: Sharon Sanders – Part 3 – The Coming Kingdom”

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    Rebecca Usher

    But what about men such as Oliver Cromwell and John Darby in the 16- 1700’s and men such as William Blackstone and others in the 1800’s who sought to bring Jewish people back to their ancient homeland?

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      Dear Rebecca, Sharon Sanders asked me to post this for her in reply to you! Blessings, Bob.

      Shalom Rebecca, you are a great listener! I totally agree with you about Cromwell and Darby and especially Blackstone (and I can think of a half dozen others). I should have mentioned all of their names but I think at the time, I was concentrating more recent years of Christians helping bring the Jewish people back home. The men you mentioned certainly were enlightened by the power of the Holy Spirit back then before the nation ever was born….they saw, unlike so many of the Church forefathers, the “restoration of Israel” and knew that it was within the power of the Church to help and encouraged it. There was also a NY Judge, Mordecai Noah, who in the late 1800’s “saw by the spirit” the restoration and was encouraging Christians at The Tabernacle in New York to support in every way the restoration of the Jews when it happened. Thanks for writing and next time I interview, I’ll be sure to remember the “ones who went before us” paving the way in preparation for what was in their times, the “future”. God bless you and thanks for your love for Israel, Sharon Sanders, CFI Co-Founder

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