Root Source Interviews pastor Trey Graham to hear how an evangelical pastor learned to love Israel. In part 3, we hear about how they became a Genesis 12:3 church and what that means today.

Part 3 of 3. (20:28)

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    Thanks for this, and so many other very encouraging interviews!

    There is another Texas church that has a wonderful track record of experiencing the Blessing of God because of their commitment to bless and honor Israel. It is the Gateway Church in Dallas. Their pastor, Robert Morris, wrote a book titled “The Blessed Life” that is a classic best seller among Christians that deals with giving and stewardship. He would be a great interview on that subject.

    Another man that has quite a testimony of blessing Israel and influencing other churches to bless Israel and the Jewish people is Don Finto. He is the founder of The Caleb Company, and former pastor of The Belmont Church of Christ in Nashville. He was a professor at Lipscomb, the University in Nashville that is also affiliated with the Churches of Christ. At the age of 89, he has much that he has seen and much to tell.

    Blessings to both you and Gidon and your households!


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      Dear Mike, Thanks for sharing. I have visited the Gateway Church (the Dallas location) when we were up there visiting family. It was a very nice experience. Blessings, Bob.

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