Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: October 23, 2019

In case you missed it, here is the four-part interview with David Nekrutman combined into a single video, and downloadable audio.

This full interview is entitled  David Nekrutman: God Called me to love Spirit-filled Christians.

If you have not met “David Nekrutman” you are missing out on meeting one of the first Israeli Jews to dedicate his life to reaching out to the Christian world. Bob caught up with this unusual man with an unusual approach, a man who feels called to help Spirit-filled Christians, who truly understands where they are coming from, having spent 4 years at Oral Roberts University, focusing on the work of the Holy Spirit as understood by Jews. Bob O’Dell is pleased to offer to you one of his most personally enjoyable interviews yet!

Root Source interviews David Nekrutman, Director of the Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation about his life, calling, and work. In Part 1, David shares the story of what happened one Shabbat, that changed the direction of his life. In Part 2, David shares the story of moving to Israel and deciding to leave High-Tech to try to change the world with Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. In Part 3, David shares the story of what it was like to study the Bible at Oral Roberts University, specializing in the Holy Spirit! In Part 4, David shares why 4 years at ORU was worth it to learn these 3 words and how they shape his daily work with Christians.

For your convenience we provide this in both video and audio formats.  Video below: (1:13:12)


Audio format which is also downloadable:  (1:12:56)


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