Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: November 08, 2018

When it comes to End-Times prophecy and Israel, the most common questions to be asked are about things like the Gog/Magog war and when it might begin. However, I preferred to use my interview time with End-times prophecy expert, Christine Darg, to walk her through a list of some of the most controversial questions, on which many Christians are sharply divided! It should be no surprise that every one of them has to do with Israel!

In concluding Part 4 Christine Darg answers Bob’s questions about prophecy and the end-times including her view on the most controversial subjects including Third Temple, the Jewish Sanhedrin, the Jews as a Light to the Nations, and the Ten Men who grab onto the hem of a Jew.

Part 4 of 4. (9:32)

I want to thank Christine for giving me free access to ask any question I wanted to ask, in both this interview and the others.  She has hundreds of hours of teachings on Israel and the End Times on The Jerusalem Channel. We hope you check it out.

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