Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 30, 2019

Rabbi Chaim Eisen is one of the best Torah teachers we know, and in this introductory interview we learn why and how he wants to have relationship with Christians based on mutual respect. Get to know this special teacher as he speaks from him home in Jerusalem in this 4-part interview below.

In Part 1, he invites you to join him in his family succah and shows how he honors God with the four species.

In part 2, he tells you how he came to Israel and the story behind his favorite bible.

In part 3, Rabbi Chaim Eisen explains the catalytic event that caused him to respect Christians, his views on the relationship, and why the Messiah both binds and divides us.

And in part 4, he shares the verses from the Torah/Tanakh that guide his approach to connecting with Christians around the world, and how to connect with him in Jerusalem.

This 4-part interview is combined into a single video and downloadable audio for your convenience.  (55:13)


Downloadable audio below:



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