Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 19, 2019

Root Source interviews Victoria Sarvadi in the most extended interview we have ever filmed. Our questions are deep and wide, and she answers every one of them with thought-provoking openness on multiple levels.

In Part 1, meet a a woman who felt called to break the mold of how successful corporate executives isolate and insulate themselves from the public, and hear how and why they actively open their hearts and doors to pursue authentic community around Yeshua. And speaking of open doors, part 1 only opens the door to a rich, multi-layered story that we will tell.

In Part 2, meet a woman with many accomplishments including a Doctorate in First Century Christianity and Second Temple Judaism and a leader in the performing arts. And yet, listen to how she walked before God with continual pain of a father who would never affirm her as a woman. Come find out why she self-titled her autobiography: Just a Little Girl.

In Part 3, she describes how they not only raised six kids, but also “raised son-in-laws;” how they made decisions to adopt not just once, but twice; and how God used her family to bring her back from utter exhaustion in good works.

In Part 4, she describes how meeting an angel at age 18, changed her life forever. Dying in the midst of labor and losing her baby, she embarked on a lifelong journey to gain the spiritual treasure that was promised to her by God. Listen as she tells how that encounter led her to embrace the Hebraic roots of our faith.

In Part 5, she advises those seeking funding in the Hebraic Roots movement on how to interact with donors and foundations.

The interview is provided in both video and audio formats.  (2h 16m)

Video interview below:

Downloadable audio below:




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