Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 05, 2019

Victoria Sarvadi, who helps administrate funding from the Nathaniel Foundation gives advice to Bob O’Dell about how donors “think” about the various kinds of requests they get. I, Bob O’Dell, specifically asked if she would be willing to take my questions on this topic. I see this conversation as a great learning opportunity for those seeking funding. As she explains, gaining funding should not be your first goal. Then what is? Listen and find out. And please don’t interpret this video as if it is an open invitation to “cold call” the Nathaniel Foundation on your next Hebraic Roots project. You would do better to think of her advice, as advice for “all donors” who might already be in your circle of influence.

Both video and downloadable audio are provide for your convenience. (21:19)


Downloadable audio below:


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