This lesson gives the background of the Total Solar Eclipse onΒ March 20th 2015, and introduces the overall Blood Moons Course.Β 

The goal of the course is to help people learn how to ask the right questions in order to make up their own minds about whether the Blood Moons have a meaning, and if so what?

97 thoughts on “Introduction to Blood Moons (The Blood Moons Course, Part One)”

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      I am a Christian who loves Israel and the Jewish people. I just found this site and I can’t wait to learn more.

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        This is Bob replying from Gidon’s account. He will probably want to add something of his own, but anyway, I just couldn’t help myself from jumping in and saying this to you. YOU GOT IT. Those two sentences are what Root Source is all about. (1) It is a place to make your own DIRECT PERSONAL connection with Israel and the Jewish people — not just to learn about them, but to connect with them. And (2) it is a place to learn MORE. You will find that it complements what you have already learned, and enriches it. My Christian faith is not changed, it’s just deepened and enriched.

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      Bob, how does one download the lessons? I would like to have these on my laptop for when I go on a mission trip to the Philippines in about ten days. Internet is not always available out in the country.
      Is it possible?
      Thanks and Shalom,

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        Dear Tommy, sorry I have been backlogged and have only just seen this comment. We provide the ability to download all our lessons to peoples devices, but only when you sign up for the 28 day free trial. You can download this lesson (and all other week 1 lessons) immediately after you sign up, then a week later the week 2 lessons, etc. Have a blessed trip! Bob

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      This is such a wonderfully exciting time in the world. I find it interesting, the mainstream is finding more ways to be ugly, hurtful, Anti-Israel, Anti-God, and the people of Israel,Evangelical Christians, and Messianic Jews, are all joining together anxiously awaiting our Messiah. That is our common bond, we all serve the same God, and we all have Israel on our hearts and minds..Let the world be ugly, but as for us, we will love one another, and learn from each other, until our Lord comes, and for all eternity! Thank you for the bridge to understanding may God bless us all our Messiah is coming soon!

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        Dear Bruce, What a wonderful word and worldview. We ARE all in this together are we not? And the right attitude IS excitement that God is on the move and that he cares about us enough to let us search Him out, and His ways out, looking for, working for, waiting for the Messiah. Blessings! Bob

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    I’ve been knowing and keeping up with these blood moons from the teachings of John Hagee. This is very interesting and Exciting and I feel blessed to be living at this time to see all of this end time prophesy being fulfilled right before our eyes. Thank you so much for these video teachings which do make us think deeper and stay God conscious.
    God Bless

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    Diane McCharen

    Seems the world is getting a little more scarey with each Blood Moon.
    A man named Gill Broussard, also interested in Astronomy is discussing
    new information about an object, actually a planet 7 times bigger than the
    earth that is due to cross the plane of the earth, circle the sun again crossing
    earth’s plane 5 months later. Estimated time gate 2013-2021. Using very accurate
    records from the Chinese of the heavens, their maps show this object coming in
    every 360 yrs. or less, but he has fit the time tables showing it was here causing
    a 3 hr eclipse of the sun when Jesus was crucified. He has charts overlaying the
    times this planet was here with Bible events and has charts showing it was here
    when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed, when Joshua had an extra 12 hour
    day, during the time of Joseph, the real Passover. He has a chart showing the event
    connected from the Bible with the time the Chinese records recorded what he refers
    to as Planet 7X. His info is all related to Christian and Jewish events. He is a believer.
    Also he developed the equipment for our nuclear submarines. Check youtube Gill
    Broussard Planet 7x. He will come to your church and give a presentation. I first
    heard his program from the website of Augusto Perez, The Appearance Portal

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      Well, Diane, that is quite something.
      We promote somewhat more soothing teachings here, shall we say.:-)
      Let’s talk in 2022 about this:-)

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    Oh my, I am so hungry to hear the rest of these lessons. Thank you both for blessing us with this teaching. I have read about it in John Hagee’s book and now it is being explained in a fuller dimension. You are appreciated. May G-d lead you both – we are in an unbelievable time in history and need to be prepared, warned and ready.

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      Thanks, Sally. I hope you will enjoy them. I’m recording #4 of 6 now, and they all seem, at least to me, to be different from each other. Bob.

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    We have been keeping up with the blood moons from Mark Biltz’s book. We are doing aliyah with El Shaddai ministries this September and will be there to experience Sukkot and the 4th blood moon (super moon)!! It will be my first trip, hopefuly more to come. When you put up the slide with the blood moons and solar eclipse overplayed with dates, I couldn’t help notice the interesting timing of where the solar eclipse falls in the Shemitah year as well, right smack in the middle!

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      Hi Val. I’m glad you mentioned Mark as I have a high regard for him. Lesson #2 is about the various people involved. I just didn’t think it was possible to skip over that aspect, and that lesson explains why. Blessings, Bob.

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    Hi, I’ve been learning about this from Pastor Mark Biltz, from El Shaddai Ministries, who is credited with having first put the Blood Moons timing together. His book was outstanding! I read Pastor Hagee’s book too, yet even he credits Biltz with the discovery. They are both good books, but I thought Biltz’s book provided more “meat”. Anyway, I’m most excited to hear your take on this. I agree with Pamela, I feel so blessed to be living in this time, with all of this happening before our eyes.

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      Hi Tj, Yes I enjoyed both books for different reasons. It never ceases to amaze me how many different approaches there can be to just about any task. For me it speaks of the beauty of God — He is so multifaceted that it takes all of us, the sum of all our uniqueness, to even begin to reflect who He truly is. I hope you will gain some additional perspective. Bob

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        I Like the Depth of what you said about “it speaks of the beauty of God β€” He is so multifaceted that it takes all of us, the sum of all our uniqueness, to even begin to reflect who He truly is.” Well Spoken πŸ™‚ Hi Is AWESOME! πŸ™‚

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    Wow! Interesting and exciting. I particularly loved the attention to the Solar Eclipse in this video. I tried to access the other two parts, but I see that those are not available. They are only to be sent weekly. My problem is that by the time I get to see them all the solar eclipse will be over. Boo. Still, fresh perspective and thought (as well as heart) provoking! I totally loved it.

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      Dear Tj, I have good news. Based on what I heard Gidon say about his plans for releasing them, I think that Lesson #2 will be out on Sunday, and Lesson #3 about mid-week. Lesson #3 is the only other lesson that deals with the Solar Eclipse, so you should be fine for the March 20 date. Blessings, Bob.

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    Thank you for this site and these teachings. I look forward to learning and gleaning insight and understanding of the Word of God through your teachings.

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      And thank you for stepping out and writing a comment! I (Bob) have been positively affected by working around these teachers and Rabbis, so if you like the approach I took with the material, think of them positively.

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    Thank you so much for such a well thought out and excellently presented lesson on the blood moons and solar eclipse. Your presentation was full of facts not covered in Biltz or Hagee’s book. I look forward to your second lesson!

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      Gayle, this is Bob replying on Gidon’s account. I’m glad you enjoyed it. My goal is that each lesson will look at different facets of this subject differently. I look forward to knowing how the following lessons affect you. My wife sometimes says of me “he never wants to be boring”. I hope her words will be true in this case.

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    Bob, thank you!!! I am so very excited! I have shared the first video on my facebook and I’m all set and ready for more lessons. I so love all of these teachings and I feel as though I’m a huge sponge. I just can’t seem to get enough. I know I sound impatient (mostly because I am!) but it’s just that I’m so hungry for all of this. Thanks again for all you are doing and please convey that to all of your instructors too, please!

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    Thank you so much! So appreciate you all! I’m excited that the Lord directed me to site! God you all !!!

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      Happy Birthday Brian! πŸ™‚
      In Hebrew, 55 is Noon Hey, which has the same value of Hey Noon, which means Yes in Aramaic. May this be an answer to your prayers!

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    I am a Christian and I have had a love for Israel and Jews for a long time I was excited to come across this website when I was actually looking for the dates for Passover.

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    Bob, thank you for taking the time to answer my comment. I am so excited to view Lesson #2. I don’t expect you to post this comment because I am going to tell you something that I realized recently that affected me quite profoundly, and I feel led to tell you about it. It regards the blood moons of 2014. Our God is a planner. Nothing happens by chance with Him. He knows everything, and He proves Himself through dates. It isn’t just “chance” with God I believe.

    Please forgive me for taking your time, but I have been wanting to tell someone that might understand what God is trying to tell me…and feel you may have an answer or understanding of it.

    I ordered Mark Biltz’s Blood Moon Calendar about a month ago. As I was looking through the dates of the blood moons I decided to see if my oldest son Zachary’s birthday (April 22 – he turned 34) fell on any special day. From Biltz’s calendar I saw that my son’s birthday fell on the last day of Passover. I then realized that was the feast of the 1st Blood Moon of 2014. I was very surprised. Then I looked up my son Joshua’s birthday (October 10) and saw that again, my youngest son’s birthday fell on the 2nd blood moon feast day of Tabernacles and again, it also fell on the last day of that feast. I was in awe of what I had just found out. I felt God was trying to tell me that the blood moons are from Him, they are not just by “chance”. And I felt as if He was trying to tell me that these blood moons are important in a very personal way. I just wanted to tell you this because I am still in awe of God and these blood moons and solar eclipse. I have studied escotology my whole life, and feel He is wanting us to know He is sending them for a reason.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you have any thoughts I would very much welcome them.

    God greatly bless you and those that work with you on this site.


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    I really appreciate how you take the time to answer all the question. I’m wondering about the partial solar eclipse occurring 9/13/15 on the feast of trumpets. Do you know the path of that eclipse? Any thoughts on its significance, especially as it’s only a partial one? Thanks for your ministry!! Liz

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      Hi Liz, I’m sorry I accidentally skipped over this one when I was going thru all the comments. In Lesson 3, which is up and available starting today, I give a key piece of information that starts to answer your question, namely that every time you have Total Lunar eclipse, you MUST have some kind of Solar eclipse, either 2 weeks before, or 2 weeks after that Lunar Eclipse.

      In the case of the 4th blood moon lunar eclipse in September 2015, that associated solar eclipse occurs 2 weeks before, putting it on Tishri 1, or the Feast of Trumpets. But because it is a partial solar eclipse it is very ordinary. You can see the area it covers on this link. Go Southern Africa! This eclipse has been moving steadily south for many years and 18 years ago it appeared in a form that it had already ‘slipped off the bottom of the world’ and it now continues getting less significant every 18 years when it repeats. In 1492 it crossed Africa during the Columbus Voyage, but they were in the New World by then. In 1673 it crossed right over San Antonio Texas and ended up just a few miles from Cape Henry Virginia where the Jamestown colonists first landed back in 1607 some 66 years earlier. If that had happened IN 1607 I would have been jumping up and down, but I’m not sure what 66 years later might signify. Perhaps someone who knows Virginia history can tell us.

      In summary nothing really jumped out to me so I was not planning to mention it in the course.

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    I just so love this and appreciate very much this presentation. I’m personally struck by the fact that the convergence of events you presented so well is,the month of the constellation of Aries, the ram (lamb); celebrates the Passover Lamb, and seems to appear at/before/during the Jewish Shabbat! Additionally “decreeing” Isaiah 11:9 for two minutes at the Western Wall in Jerusalem at 12:18 PM local time” is very significant inasmuch as the POTUS Obama is trying to “bargain” with a rogue regime (Iran) which intends to destroy of Israel. .

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      Thank you Carol, I would like to point out that Jewish tradition recognizes the constellation symbols, like the lamb in the month of Nisan and pisces (fish) in the month before, Adar.

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    Patricia Liguori

    Thank you Bob And Gidon,
    Praise God for the insight He has given you both The Lord has shown me one more exciting fact regarding March 20, 2015. There will be a Supermoon that day as well as the eclipse. There are 6 total supermoons in 2015, 3 will be full moons and 3 will be new moons. this Supermoon will be a new moon. also most interesting is that the last supermoon will be a full moon and on the day of the last blood moon eclipse September 28, 2015 also the closest of the year. Just google the dates and supermoon for more info!
    Oh how HE loves us so!

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      I don’t talk about Supermoons in the course because they happen so often. But, here’s a summary for anyone that doesn’t want to read this whole comment: Yes, I guess you can think of it like a garnish on a nice dinner plate. πŸ™‚ You can’t make a meal of it, but it can be a ‘nice to have’.

      Every month the moon’s orbit takes it about 10% closer to the earth than another time of the month. The only question is what phase will the moon be in when that happens. Will it be when it the moon is a crescent, first quarter, gibbous (mostly full), full, or new. And that phase of the moon, when the moon is closest keeps shifting thru the year. People often note the couple of months in the year when the Full Moon is closest, as being ‘the supermoon’ because being 10% closer gives a bit more light and is helpful for working outdoors at nigh. I’ve hear some people call the ‘top 3 biggest full moons of the year’ to be supermoons. However, when it comes to Lunar eclipses, while the Lunar Eclipse in a supermoon is closer (bigger), it has the disadvantage that the moon is moving faster thru space, and being bigger, doesn’t stay in the shaddow as long. So your gain if you see it, is someone else’s loss.

      While supermoons are not generally talked about during Solar Eclipses, that is where it makes the most difference, because when the moon covers the sun, if the moon is not big enough, then you get an annular eclipse rather than a total eclipse (see my photos in lesson 2), so in that case a supermoon is ‘super good’ as it means the Total Solar eclipse can last really long. The eclipse I missed seeing in Hawaii in 1991 was supposed to be 8 minutes! The one on March 20 is 2 minutes, much more of an average duration.

      I agree he loves us so! And thanks for raising that comment!

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    Blessings on you both
    I am here because of a site I have been involved in for many a moon : ). Billye Brim, she mentioned your site today in her e mail. I am very happy she did as what you have said is very exciting . I must admit I did not know of the total eclipse at the North Pole, I have followed John Hagee’s teachings on the blood moons and found them so revealing and just exciting. What an age we live in, I am so excited to be apart of your informed teaching and wait with baited breath for more.
    Thanks for sharing!

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      Yes, it was a very strange feeling to be carrying the information concerning that North Pole sunrise eclipse for more than 2 years. I think that Breaking Israel News is going to carry an op ed piece on that process. I don’t know about others, but I’ve always loved the ‘process’ of how God does something as much as the ‘thing itself’.

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    Fantastic presentation, thanks. Just one correction – it’s not “Jew’s Feasts” – but YHVH’s feasts. Lev. 23:2, 4, 37 and 44. Because they are called “Jew’s feasts”, Christians think they’re not applicable to them, when in fact, they are applicable to all believers – Jew and Gentile alike!

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    The phenomenon of which you write is a simple process determined by the position of the moon in relation to the sun and the earth. The earth orbits the sun and the moon the earth. Sometimes sunlight refracted through the earth’s atmosphere makes the reflected light from the moon appear red. This is not at all related to any events on earth, or to any action of an supernatural being.

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      Thank you for writing and for describing the natural phenomenon in question so simply.
      I beg to differ, in my opinion God created nature and all of its laws, the Bible and prophecy, and Man and his freedom of choice.
      God intervenes in history by either aligning these and/or modifying them as He sees fit in order to bring about an outcome or lesson that He deems necessary.
      So the alignment of this natural phenomenon and Biblical prophecies is exactly how God intervenes in history.

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    Mishelle Lopey

    Thankyou so much for the science behind the appearance of the 4 blood moons as well as the solar eclipse and how it interrelates with Hebrew calendar and what God is saying. I feel very privileged to be living in such an exciting time. I will be traveling to Israel at this time and fully expect God encounters. Amazing set of events that will be occurring. I stood in my driveway and was watching the last blood moon and it became all of a sudden very quiet. I felt as if all of heaven was holding their breath as if waiting for something to happen here on earth. I’ll always remember that. A hushed silence. God is on the move!

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      Thanks, Gideon, so much for sharing your God given wisdom on these events at such crucial times for mankind. SHALOM !

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        Thank you Maritza! Gidon is having me respond to any comments that come in on Blood Moons videos but will pass this along right now!

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    Rosetta Butler

    I listened to your lesson on the blood moons and I have really enjoyed it Thank you for these teachings.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Rosetta. I hate the idea of taking 3 hours of everyone’s time for the whole course, 6 lessons of 30 minutes each, but I hope you will continue to find them interesting.

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        I found this information through my mom, Nancy. We live in Austin, Tx. I was able to pray with you all at 5:18am CST for two minutes. Then I went outside, still dark here of course, however overcast. The sky had a red haze over where we live in Steiner Ranch. The time was around 5:20-5:30am. It didn’t stay long. Any idea, b/c I know we weren’t able to see the solar eclipse b/c of where we live on earth. Anyway, I have never seen anything like it. (Thought the Lord was giving me a cool phenomenon)
        Oh, I spent several years in California with the Tolles. My mom mentioned they speak highly of you and your ministry. Thank you for following God’s call! BTW, I have been reading through Joel and Habakkuk the last few weeks. (We also have our USA National Day of Prayer 1st Thursday of May) Therefore with various signs and events, we believers need to be crying out to our Lord and Savior, spending time praying, and reaching those that are lost. Thank you again, Ez 3:17,18; 33:2

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          Naturally living close by to you I am aware of Steiner ranch, but I don’t have any idea what that might be. So glad you joined in prayer. The people who walk in darkness will see a great light. Is 9:2. That would apply to us in the USA during this eclipse, I’d say. Blessings!

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    I noticed in regards to the solar eclipse pictures you used had sundogs. Is that something we will see with the eclipse on the horizon? Is that a common occurrence? Thank you.

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    It’s so exciting that God is speaking to us loud and clear. Solar eclipse, Nisan year and spring all tied together to fulfil Bible prophecy. Thanks for your help in understanding these signs. Jesus our Lord is near. Maranatha,come Lord Jesus. Bernardine

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    I really appreciate this material being shared. I have been crying out to people to wake up!! I was able to share this with friends on Facebook. The lessons you’re teaching takes the revelation of the Blood Moons to a whole new level. I am in awe of our Lord and the depth of His amazingness (is that a word, LOL) Exciting days we are living in!! God Bless!!

    1. Avatar

      Dear Terry, the most heartwarming thing we can possibly hear is that you like what is happening here enough to share it with others, putting your name behind it, as you did on FB. For that you have our heartfelt thanks, and a redoubling of our commitment to do our best to follow God, to do good work, and to never stop being loving.

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      Last I checked the Blood Moons movie put out by John Hagee will be played in USA theaters on Monday March 23 for one night only.

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      Check other videos on our page to see if it is your setup. The video is being successfully played in many countries and I’m sure Canada is one of them.

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    Hello Gidon and Bob,
    I thank you so much for your hearts for our King and the wonderful information you are sharing with us. Your love for Him and those created in His image is very apparent. Bob, your videos are not even close to boring.. They are wonderful, thank you for them! πŸ™‚ I also wanted to thank you for taking astronomy back for The Lord! It seems He is having us take back many things for Him in these days. He has shown me some pretty amazing things and then I didn’t find out until over two years later what those things might be as he led me to dig and seek Him, dropping words here and there to help me bring the pieces together. I want to shout it from the mountain tops and share with all who will listen but am not quite sure how to do that other than just that, telling all who will listen! πŸ™‚
    Would it be possible to perhaps share through email and ask you some questions?
    May our Lord Jesus bless the work of both of your hands and fill you with His continuous joy and revelation.

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      First about your phrase “It seems He is having us take back many things for Him in these days.” My response is YES, YES, YES, YES, YES! This is the ULTIMATE point coming from the Blood Moons. No areas shall can be left to sit in darkness apart from the light of God. Yes, Root Source publishes emails because we are about relationship. And the Contact page goes straight to Gidon which he always forwards to me, if it relates in any way to me. However, if you are bold and you want to share with others, I would say the very kind of people who might want to hear you, are the ones who take the time to scroll down and read comments such as these.

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    Rebecca Shepard

    On the last Blood Moon oct 8 2014, in North Carolina due to clouds we saw a Blood Moon rainbow. It was the most awesome natural event I have ever seen. It was at sunrise, first all we could see were clouds on fire. Then suddenly a rainbow that looked 10 times wider than a normal rainbow and like a neon sign! It was a rainbow on fire! I took pics with my old iPhone but it washed out what my eyes saw. Anyone else see it?

    1. Avatar

      I just posted her photo on our RootSourceIL twitter account with the tweet “Rainbow photo from REBECCA SHEPARD”. You don’t have to have a twitter account to look at tweets – they are all public.

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    Thank you for the very sensitive way you have handled the matter of “who was first” in the discovery of the blood moons. It makes me want all the more to hear each of the teachers in their respective fields in the coming weeks. May the Lord bless you richly as you serve Him – and me – through Root Source.

    1. Avatar

      Thank you Violet. Early on in working with Gidon, I discovered that Jews have a strong culture to resist evil speech towards others. It is really strongly engrained — unbelievable. I think we Christians have a long way to go on that. Case in point — I was in a men’s prayer meeting at church a few months ago, when a young man in his twenties began to pray some wonderful prayers of honoring various people (who were not in the room) before God. As he prayed I felt God saying “you need to be more like that young man.” I’m glad God doesn’t reject us for always being a work in progress. πŸ™‚

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    John Calvaresi

    Very interesting…I will be looking forward to learning more as I receive the other lessons. Thank you for your time and effort!

  29. Avatar