Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: December 16, 2018

A recent Studio See article was about the ancient site of Bethel. Here is a postscript to that article.

On June 14, 2016 while travelling from Jerusalem towards Tel Aviv and passing near Modi’in I caught some images of the sunrise with my iPhone 6.  The images of the sunrise are shown latest to earliest and none of them are cropped or altered in any way.

The five pictures below were all taken within one minute of each other.  The most interesting one was the first of the sequence.

5:47:05 AM


5:46:59 AM


5:46:53 AM



5:46:53 AM

5:46:28 AM


Just to the right of that black and white light pole near the road, is “something” that seems to be in the sky in the distance.

Is it some kind of lens flare?  If so, then why does that strange feature stop exactly at the point where the hills are visible on the horizon?   This is the only picture that captures this “feature”, which makes it less likely to be real, but I still have no way to explain what it is.

I knew right where I was on Highway 1 when I took the picture, and of course I knew the date and the sunrise allows me to know the exact direction of the photo at sunrise.  Believe it or not, whatever that feature in the sky happens to be — it is appearing right over the ancient site of Bethel.

Go figure!

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