Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: September 04, 2020

Our musical friend Yehudah Katz would like to say a few words about his brand new song and video.

Dear Friends,

For the past 6 months to four years we have seen a very sad situation of growth of hatred and dissension in the world. In my humble opinion, this all began 60 years ago when certain part s of our society decided to attempt to exclude God from our daily life. Of course, while we know that this is not truly possible, too many people have been working overtime to concretize this mission. 

In response to this situation, our band. Hamagal, has been blessed to put out a new video clip, “Shir Todah, A Song of Thanks” to emphasize our acute awareness that God is running our world and that we would like to thank Him daily for all that He does.

We also know that God is not interested in our love unless we first find the ways to love each other. May we all be blessed to find the ways to look aside from our disagreement and find ways to look for the good in everyone.

We hope and pray that as a result of this effort, we should all be blessed to live and experience the words of the prophet Isaiah (56:7):

“ki bayti bayt tefilah yikare l’chol ha’amim,” May My house (The Holy Temple in Jerusalem) be a house of prayer for all nations.” AMEN!!!!

Yehudah Katz

P.S. Thank you Bob for your friendship.

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