Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: June 20, 2019

In the guest-post below, Steve Wearp from the Nations’ 9th of Av announces a new facet of the upcoming event  — the chance for you to participate in the 9th of Av in August, even from your own home.  Then he gives you links to all the resources you will need. Take it away, Steve!

Blessings, Bob O’Dell


Do you have a heart for standing in repentance and would like to participate in the Nations‘ 9th of Av…..on August 10 & 11, 2019……but you cannot make it to Jerusalem this year?

We now have a “Roadmap of Resources” for you to host your own prayer gathering on the 9th of Av! Read this article to learn more!

Below you will find easy to read resources on how you can organize an event in your community—whether it’s your church, bible study, prayer group, or family. Don’t worry about all the details, we’ve already done most of the work for you. All you have to do is decide that you want to be a part of this great work of God!

“The only time Prayer Fails—is when we Fail to Pray”

Dear Israeli Representatives

We the undersigned recognize the long and horrific history of anti-Semitic atrocities committed against Jews in the name of Christ. We repent for these actions, pray to God to continue turning hearts of Christians to a true love for His chosen people, and submit this Declaration to the representatives of Israel and the Jewish people.”


Got Questions? What exactly does a Nations 9th of Av prayer event look like? How much time does it take to organize an event? What resources are available to me? How do I get the word out about my event? Read this Got Questions Fact sheet to learn more!

9th of Av Fact Sheet
A quick reference guide to the history and practices associated with the 9th of Av. This will be very helpful in sharing about the event with friends, family, pastors, and others.

Focus and Guidelines for Leaders
We believe it is important for all who are involved to understand the vision and purpose of the Nations’ 9th of Av as well as the sensitivities of the Jewish communities we are coming along-side. This document provides the Guiding Principles of what the Nations’ 9th of Av is, as well as what it is not.

Leading an Event on the 9th of Av
Leading an event could be a daunting task if you were left to do all the research and organizing by yourself. For this reason, we have created a “Roadmap of Resources” to help you in organizing an event that meets your community needs.  Please keep in mind that these are ideas and they are not meant to restrain you from seeking the Lord in a manner that is consistent with your community’s expression of faith.

Sign up to Host a 9th of Av event
When you sign up, we will send you the “Roadmap of Resources”– everything you need to successfully host/facilitate a prayer event for your fellowship group.

Coming SOON! Find a local 9th of Av prayer event happening near you! As people sign up to lead an event, we will be posting those events on the website.

Connect to 9th of Av Phone Conference Call. No 9th of Av prayer eventhappening near you? No problem! Connect to a 24 hour Prayer Phone Conference call on the 9th of Av, beginning at 6pm (EST) Aug 10 through 6pm (EST) Aug 11.

Other Recommended Resources:

For any other questions – please contact us at

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