Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: January 04, 2016


When we wrote Israel FIRST!, we agreed to hold ourselves accountable regarding predictions made, which were listed in Appendix B of the book.  In this post we continue discussing the last prophetic word given by Lance Lambert before his death on May 10, 2015.


As a reminder, that prophetic word was written in the book as follows:

Everything in Israel will change, upside down and inside
out. Nothing will be where it used to be. They will seek to
destroy Israel, but they will see that they are destroying
themselves. Bibi Netanyahu has been faithful. Everything
will change, and the only certainty is this: “I am The Lord.
Do not fear, I will defend Israel and I will save her. You will
suffer, and suffer greatly, because I will turn everything
upside down and inside out. I will not fail you and I will
not fail Israel. Take note when you see these things. I am
in the battle and I have won. Keep your eyes on My power
and you will be safe.”

We have to know the Lord and the power of His
resurrection. It’s not enough to be a dead Christian. If The
Lord says it’s going to be unparalleled, then it is going to be
unparalleled. It’s worth it all—knowing Him and trusting
in Him.

“Watch Russia, for she is up to no good. Watch her
carefully,” says the Lord. “With your own eyes, you shall
see My triumph over darkness and evil. Trust Me,” says
the Lord.

This word has two focus points: Israel changing in a very significant way, and Russia needing to be watched. Last time we discussed Russia. This week we discuss the portion of his word on Israel.

The idea of “everything in Israel will change, upside down and inside out” is a major prophetic statement that should not be taken lightly. To my way of thinking, such a change in Israel would be so dramatic that any person living in Israel, or even visiting Israel should be able to sense such a change. In addition this word almost certainly has to involve Israel and a change regarding its interaction with its Arab neighbors. So to my mind, this prophecy is currently in a waiting mode.

Gidon adds the following comments however:

We are writing this update the first week of January 2016. When Bob reminding me of these words of Lance, the phrases “upside down and inside out” and “They will seek to destroy Israel” immediately brought current events to mind. At the time of this writing, a Muslim Arab terrorist who murdered three Israelis is still at large after a week since his attack, and the police has released the name of a Jewish man who is accused of firebombing a home in the West Bank in July 2015. In addition, the Israeli Government has released the bodies of more than 20 terrorists to the Palestinian Authority on January 1st, while enforcing severe administrative detention and other anti-crime and anti-terror methods against dozens of Jewish teenagers and young men based on the suspicion that they had something to do with the firebombing. At least one of these Jews was jailed for five months with no trial or due process, and released abruptly with nary an explanation and even an apology.

Many Israelis find these government policies and behaviors strange and the opposite – “upside down and inside out” – of what would be expected of a conservative government. While these events are only slightly newsworthy compared to the earth shattering wars and rumors of wars that readers of Lance’s words might be thinking of, these are the thoughts that came to my mind when this passage and current events  juxtaposed in my mind.


Once again we are grateful to the way the Lord has used Lance, and his faithful service among us.

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