Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: September 01, 2019

Now that you have gotten to know Yehudah Katz from his weekly column on our Root Source newsletter, we thought that we would go back and replay the introductory music video we made of Yehudah Katz performing live with his rock band the Ma’agal which means — the full circle. This one video has interviews, a music video, four live songs, and a Hassidic story! (31:05)

We provide both video and audio formats.

Enjoy!  (Lyrics below the video).

Audio (downloadable)



Libi Ubsari (Music video – First song in video)
My Heart and Soul
Music by Yehudah Katz
Lyrics by Yehudah Katz, Talai Schneider, Niv Klil Hachoresh
yeran’nu  la’el x 4
verse 1 :yoshev al hagader
chaver o lo chaver
ohev v’lo ohev
kasheh l’hitchyev
ten yad y’didi
bo aleh iti
kach aeni poched
kach ayni moed
chorus: libi u’bsari
yeran’nu  el ayl chai x 2
verse 2:  shtei ha’kenafaim
shel tzipor achat
kach anchnu shnenu
echad umeyuchad
b’bet mishkenotecha
chaim et v’ahavta
shma yisrael
yeran’nu la’el


libi u’bsari
yeran’nu  el ayl chai x4
rak itcha
libi shalem
shomea et kolcah
harem na taharem
tosif od ohr
hareh li et  hakol
daber elai
al na tit’alem


libi u’bsari
yeran’nu  el ayl chai x6



Kol Simchah (Second song in video – Lyrics Jeremiah 33 )
The Voice of Joy (in the Streets of Jerusalem)
Music by Yehudah Katz.
Od yishama
b’arei Yehudah
Yerushalyim x 2
Kol Sasson V’kol simchah
Kol kol kol simchah
kol chattan v’kol kallah
kol kol kol kallah x 2
Nigun Lewis (Third song in video – No Lyrics)
Music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
A niggun is a special spiritual tune that needs no words and penetrates deeply into the soul. Niggun Lewis is one of many cherished niggunim composed by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
L’maan Achai V’reay (Fourth song – Lyrics Psalm 122 )
On Behalf of My Brothers and Friends
Music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
L’maan Achai V’reay x 2
Adabra na Adabra na
Shalom Bach
L’maan beit Hahsem Elokenu
Avaksha Tov lach x 2
V’shamru (Fifth and final song performed – Lyrics Exodus Chapter 31)
And They Shall Keep and Watch Over the Sabbath
Music by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach
V’shamru Bnai Yisrael
Et ha Shabbat
La’asot et Hashabbat
L’dorotOm brit Olam
Bayni ubayn Bnai Yisrael
Oat he l’olam


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