Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: November 21, 2017

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Imagine finally visiting the Holy Land, a lifelong dream so many never realize.

Now imaging going at a time that brings prophetic history and the modern state of Israel together in a way that never was before and never will be again.

Now imagine going with an American Pastor from Texas and an Orthodox Jewish Israeli who will show you places and experiences like no one else can.

Now imagine that this visit will be run by a boutique Israel based tour operator, specializing in making sure every single participant’s individual requests and needs are met.

And finally, imagine that you can get all this for a price cheaper than any other similar tour you can find!

Well, imagine no more! Root Source, together with our friend Pastor Trey Graham of “Israel By The Book”, invite you to our exclusive Root Source tour – “Seventy Years to Israel’s Rebirth!”

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This trip, perfect for first timers and veteran travelers alike, will bring you to the Galilee and to Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv and to Tiberias, the the Kibbutz and to the Knesset, and many more must-see inspiring sites from the Bible and from today’s (and tomorrow’s!) headlines. We will meet Orthodox rabbis, IDF officers, high-tech leaders, and government ministers. You will experience teachings that will encourage and strengthen your faith, and some that will challenge it.

The Root Source “Seventy Years to Israel’s Rebirth” tour will be operated by Ami Travel, an experienced boutique travel company with decades under its belt and thousands of satisfied customers.

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More information about the tour will be published on our blog and the tour web page, but it will sell out fast! Register now – you will have 10 days to reconsider and get your deposit refunded in full. But if you don’t register in time, we will fill up and our 35 places will be all taken!

If you have any questions, PLEASE ask, others will surely have them too! Just hit reply to this email or send an email to


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