In this special lesson on the “Jewish History, Jewish Future” channel, our teacher Rabbi Ken Spiro gets a little personal and a lot philosophical and explains something that is often like a closed book to Christians: What do Jews think about us?

Ken tries to answer the question of why many Christians are fascinated with Jews.

He finally shares a few laughs about what it is like to live in Israel with the name “Ken.”

3 thoughts on “Ken Spiro explains Jewish attitudes towards Christians”

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    Maureen Tonnessen

    Dear Ken,

    I just had to send a comment to you that you Jews are loved so deeply by us Christadelphians and Jesus Christ who is returning soon to the Earth LOVES you deeply!…..The BIBLE is all about The Hope of Israel, You are God’s chosen people.

    YSIC Maureen

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    Anne Marie Simon

    Thanks for sharing. It will perhaps make people realize and understand better. Next time, please make sure no one is speaking in the background,. Thanks.

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    Jews really need to understand the position of the Zionist Evangelicals too though, especially the younger people who are used to growing up in a secular America where public expression of faith is very taboo, they are not used to sharing their faith and being concerned about that, and used to thinking of other people as non religious human beings who are working on an important project together. They are used to not having any attention focused on what religion, race, nationality they originally come from because that information is private and sacred to the individual. Also that Messianic Jews exist and if you are used to that being your image of the Jews/Israel since childhood, you come to them expecting a warm, friendly, exciting people that love music and dancing, teaching and living the Bible accurately, and will welcome you with open arms, and that you also understand Jews to be the same religion as you. A lot of people get closer to their faith when life is just falling apart and they are looking for some kind of infrastructure to help them get back on their feet again or just help them be stronger in life. If you try to do that with Israel, and are not Jewish, they know it and you don’t? The Evangelicals often teach a superstition based on how God told Abraham “I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you.” It is taught that you have to support Israel as like a religious duty. Jews need to understand how much authority they hold and how much damage they can unintentionally inflict on a person who deeply believes things like that. It might be up to the Jews to be gentle and understanding with this people, and immediately important to recognize their differences from other types of Christians.

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