One of the Internet and Social Media’s worst anti-Israel activist is Norman Finkelstein. If you haven’t heard of him, that’s not too surprising, as you probably don’t travel in his circles.

Our popular Jewish History teacher, Rabbi Ken Spiro, not only dared to debate this despicable person (a phrase I do not use often, but watch the video and see if you don’t agree with me!) but clearly beat him on his own turf.

Please DON’T watch this video if you have a tender stomach, but if you want a peek into the trenches on the war on antisemitism, Ken Spiro is your hero!

4 thoughts on “Ken Spiro is our Hero!”

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    Regina Gravenberch

    He wants facts? Can’t believe my ears. We people do know the truth, we read the Bible and understand what God and Yeshua say very well. And why is he getting angrier by the minute. For one dead Israëli, hundred dead enemies. And he himself says it is God’s earth, but that’s all he knows. He cannot have a conversation because evil allways runs because he cannot persue thruth..

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    Whoa! It’s extremely saddening to see a Jewish man turned against his own kind so extremely. No reason, just pure hatred. I wonder how he got to this point. I’d much rather be in Ken’s class. Way to go, Ken Spiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow!!! I’m super impressed at how you handled that man, Rabbi!! I’m sure I’d have been screaming right back at him and it wouldn’t have ended well. You are a class act!! Truthfully, I was sort of screaming back at him in the privacy of my home…..couldn’t resist. Proud to have you as my teacher!

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