Lesson 1: Abraham in the land of Gerar

Course: Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible
Lesson #1 of 3

Series: Man’s Relationship with God in the Hebrew Bible

Teacher: Ann P. Levin, J.D.

105 Views | Published: September 3, 2021 | Revised: August 30, 2022

In our first lesson of our course on Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible, we look to the book of Genesis and follow the patriarch Abraham in his travels and travails in the land of Gerar and in Egypt.  The differences between the King of Gerar and the Pharaoh of Egypt will highlight the purpose and the role of fearing God in the Hebrew Bible.

This is the first lesson

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2 thoughts on “Abraham in the land of Gerar”

  1. Thank you for that insightful teaching. The connection of Abraham in Gerar as a foreshadowing of the Exodus is a connection I have never made. I look forward to more of your teachings!

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