Lesson 3: Fear of God and the Hebrew Midwives

Course: Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible
Lesson #3 of 3

Series: Man’s Relationship with God in the Hebrew Bible

Teacher: Ann P. Levin, J.D.

39Views | Published: October 25, 2021 | Revised: October 2, 2023

In our third lesson in the course, Fear of God in the Hebrew Bible, we will explore the episode of the
Hebrew midwives in Egypt in the Book of Exodus. These two women defy the orders of the all powerful
Pharaoh despite the danger. The biblical text tells us twice in less than ten verses that they refused to
obey the evil order of infanticide because they feared God. This lesson will discuss the modern
ramifications of this concept.

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2 thoughts on “Fear of God and the Hebrew Midwives”

  1. This lesson by Dr. Levin was so apropos to what’s going on in our day. I live in Canada, and the totalitarian regime here is in full swing. Thankfully, we have a great church whose pastor echoes what Dr. Levin exhorted us to do in this video. May we ALL be those who will do the right thing despite what our government tells us.

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