Lesson 1: Moses and the Golden Calf

In this lesson, we will study one of the most disturbing descriptions of sin and punishment in the Hebrew Bible, the sin of the Golden Calf.  We will examine Moses’ reaction to the Israelite betrayal of the God that liberated them from Egypt and determine if this reaction was reasonable or overly zealous.

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1 thought on “Moses and the Golden Calf”

    • These are words that I have often questioned; jealous and zealous.
    • your explanation has clarified my understanding of both of them. Thank you Ann.
    • what’s even more important, to me at least, is understanding Moses’s reaction both to G-d as He is “fed up” with the Hebrews and the Hebrews themselves.
    • it seems to me that Moses was acting as a surgeon i.e. carrying out a radical excision of the ‘cancer’ that had developed in his absence. He had no other choice if he was to create a nation on to G-d.

    I often thought ‘where is Moses’s mercy in forgiving those who instigated the Golden Calf?’ Your explanation has answered that query and given my a better understanding of Moses the man and of the human relationship that exists between G-d and us.
    thank you Ann

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