Lesson 1: The Edge of History: Part 1

Course: The Edge of History
Lesson #1 of 4

Series: Jewish History – Jewish Future

Teacher: Rabbi Ken Spiro

259Views | Published: April 24, 2015 | Revised: April 21, 2021

16 Minute Video by Rabbi Ken Spiro teaching Christians about the Edge of History. Part 1 of this 4 part series.

This is the first lesson

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2 thoughts on “The Edge of History: Part 1”

  1. Why do you believed in evolution? This is one thing that I don’t understand about Jewish beliefs. You love HaShem and highly revere his word but you believe a philosophy that contradicts that word and causes people to reject it and him.

    Did the world evolve from nothing billions of years ago and life come from non life (who knows how long ago because it keeps changing every time they find a new fossil where it shouldn’t be) or did HaShem create it by his word about 6 thousands years ago?

    You can’t have it both ways. This is what faith is. Do you believe HaShem when he talks about something that no man has seen, the creation of the universe. Evolution is for those who don’t want a Creator to whom they are accountable.

    Creation and the world wide flood of Noah is not anti scientific of that’s what you are concerned about. It best explains what we know of the world.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you for your clear question Nichola! I (Gidon) am not a seasoned expert in this issue, but Rabbi Spiro is. I will forward your question to him and he will respond:-)

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