Lesson 1: “Why are Young People So Idealistic & How to Stay Young?” – Redefining Education and Childhood

Course: Topics in Jewish Thought
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Teacher: Rabbi Ari Shvat (Chwat)

37Views | Published: July 29, 2021

The class examines why young people are especially idealistic, and how the goal is not to become “adulterated” and lose that idealism with age. Every society has a measuring stick: primitive man measured by one’s physical strength, western man- by his money or prestige. Accordingly, women and children are generally going to be second-class. Judaism measures by one’s Godliness, and accordingly women and children rate especially high. Also, this Jewish view doesn’t see youth as a necessary preparation for life, but rather one of the greatest parts of life. The goal of life is to add experience & wisdom, without losing our youthful idealism, curiosity, honesty, purity, etc.

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