Lesson 4: Yevarechcha (May the Lord Bless You), Including Song

Course: Blessings of the Torah
Lesson #4 of 4

Series: Pray Like a Jew

Teacher: Gidon Ariel

317Views | Published: November 11, 2014 | Revised: April 20, 2021

Now that the three blessings of the Torah are complete, we begin to read the Torah itself as part of our prayer. This is a fundamental blessing that is used many ways in the life of Israel.

This lesson ends with a song by David Harpo Abramson which may also be viewed separately at the following link: http://youtu.be/5UBotnao6fw


Bob's Application:  One day before this lesson was uploaded I received an email from Gidon with a Youtube link in it. I had no idea why this link was sent to me, because I had not yet seen the lesson Gidon had uploaded. So I clicked on the link and began to hear a Hebrew song, again for which I had no context (and neither do I know Hebrew!). But, when I heard it, I said to myself "whatever this is, it is annointed."  Of course at that point I hadn't even known the words were coming right out of scripture. So I hope you enjoy the song as well, and let me know if you sense it too, and/or place comment about this song.

This is the last lesson

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