Hi, thanks for volunteering to be a Root Source Israel FIRST! Liaison!

(if you aren’t one or aren’t sure, complete the form at root-source.com/rsliaison.)

Remember, all materials, books, shipping, etc., are FREE for you!

Please contact us at ana@root-source.com when you get this package so we can know when it was delivered.

Your Liaison Welcome Pack will be delivered separately (if it hasn’t arrived already). Please wait for it, it includes important instructions and materials.

Here are the files that you will get in your Liaison Welcome Package:

The Liaison Information Sheet: A Liaison flyer, explaining the position in general (you probably already saw this at www.root-source.com/rsliaison)

The Book Flyer: the campaign flyer-postcard for you to insert in every book and give out to people as you see fit to entice them to take the book

Watch our Instructions Video, to see how to prepare each book

The IsraelRaffle Bookmark: to insert in the book as above

The Raffle Signup Sheet: You’ll get two of these, for use at a table if that is how you distribute the books (or if direct website entry is not available or convenient)

See our Facebook Liaisons Group page too!

And as usual, please contact us with any questions or comments:

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