We don’t talk much about our personal lives here on Root Source, but some things you just can’t hold back.

Root Source’s CEO and co-founder, Gidon Ariel, has five children, and one of them, Akiva, got married last week!

So Gidon and his wife Devra, and of course Akiva and his new wife Rivkah would love to hear from you and bless you back for your blessings of joy!

Gidon is a bit shy to ask, but if you want to give him or his children a gift, the best way is to subscribe to Root Source or make a donation to our Scholarship Fund.

So, Mazel Tov! (Congratulations in Hebrew) and as we say in Israel – soon by you!

7 thoughts on “Mazel Tov! Gidon’s son got married last week!”

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    What a lovely couple! What a sweet-looking bride–it looks like your son has chosen well, Gidon and Devra. May they have many years of happiness together to praise G-d. And may they have many little pattering feet blessing their home.

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    God bless both the lovely couple with a wonderful married life pleasing the almighty Yah

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    Elizabeth Werner

    Belated Mazel Tov to Akiva and Rivkah. What a happy occassion and lovely couple.. May Hashem bless them with years of happiness together.

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