Merv and Merla Watson open their home on Shabbat and invites tourists and guests to join them for their celebration.

You are invited to join them and toย stay at their home. Watch for details.


12 thoughts on “Merv and Merla Invite You to Dinner”

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    I’m weeping with joy and gratitude, right now. I wonder if Merv and Merla would like to adopt me? ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Yes we are, Lynda Jacobs! So funny too. I had a friend, just out of high school, whose name was Lynda Jacobs. I think she spelled hers Linda though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    A wonderful gesture and invite,thank you. I am sharing this invite with my friends who would love to go to the Land!!

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    John Cudworth

    I had a CD with some various Messianic worship songs from different authors, and Merla was on it. It was good. Had a klezmer sound. When is this being held this April?

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    Ezrela. Roberta

    I am saving my pennies to return to Israel and me and my Son would just love to stay with Merv and Merla they are just both two beautiful people

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    Merve and Merla are both beautiful people, I am saving my pennies to return to Israel and would love to come with my Son and stay with them.

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    Wow what a blessing..The bible says blessed is the hand that giveth than that receiveth…, I really like to go to Israel, it has been my prayer and my dream will come true some day. I will start saving for the trip….I love Israel. Be blessed Merv and Merla..!

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    Hi Tj! When I first saw those initials, and because of your last name, I thought you might be Dutch. I had a friend who is Dutch, and her first name is Tjarda (sort of a “cha” sound, but not quite). No-one could pronounce her name just right, so everyone calls her “Tj.” for short. Just thought you’d like to know.

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      That’s a great story, Lynda! Thanks for sharing that. I have lots of people assume I’m a man, but it’s all good. I love the initials and the nick name. My actual name is Teri J., but I dig Tj.

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    wow thank you for the wonderful heart ๐Ÿ™‚ may GOD bless you. hope and I pray, someday my dream may the LORD come true going there with my family, tour and learn things i didn’t know over there.

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