Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: February 09, 2019

A new kind of event, the first of its kind is coming to Jerusalem in August 2019.

The Nation’s 9th of Av

It is a brand new event and organization that is being spun out of Root Source into a separate organization.  As such you MUST sign up on the website to learn more about this exciting event.

Just click on any photo below to learn more!










This event is endorsed by

Gidon Ariel,

Tuly Weisz,

AnaRina Heyman,

Aaron Lipkin of Lipkin Tours

Tommy and Sherry Waller of Hayovel,

Zac Waller of Hayovel,

Sharon Sanders of Christian Friends of Israel,

Christine Darg of Jerusalem Channel,

Laura Densmore of Bridge Connector Ministries,

Ray Montgomery co-author of The LIST,

Pastor Trey Graham,

Steve and Doris Wearp of Blessed buy Israel,

The Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary,

Donna Jollay of Israel365,

Bob O’Dell and many more.


Sign up today to learn more at

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