Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: September 15, 2014

All beginnings are hard.
This is a Jewish folk saying, and in spite of what some positive thinking gurus might say, we all can attest to its truth.

When I sit down to write this first blog post, I find this adage especially fitting.

Because, I am not only setting the standard for this blog, but introducing the entire blog, the entire project, and really introducing my take on the entire phenomenon of Jewish-Christian relations! All this in five hundred words or less:-)

Introducing Me

I’m Gidon Ariel, founder of Root Source (together with my partners, Bob O’Dell). I was born in the USA, grew up as a nominally observant Jew, but by the time I reached my Bar Mitzva at age 13 I had concluded that I want to adopt and pursue a meaningful Jewish identity and lifestyle.

I ended up moving to Israel for high school, and studied for many years in a Yeshiva, an advanced Jewish Studies academy.

Over the years, I discovered the phenomenon of pro-Israel Christians, and was drawn to meet and become friends with hundreds of such people and their leaders. I found that we had so much in common, and so many detractors, that it is no less than a divine imperative to pursue this friendship.

Why We Made This Site

One of my best Christian friends is Christine Darg, director of Exploits Ministry and the Jerusalem Channel ( Christine brings a group of Christians to Israel a few times a year and often I am privileged to address the groups. In January 2014, while speaking to the groups on the ramparts of Jerusalem, I shared an idea I had been thinking about for years: to teach Christians Jewish topics, including the Bible, Israel, Jewish History, and much more. I felt that God had given me a wealth of knowledge, the talent to teach, and the thirst to share with Christians who are searching for this knowledge and this kind of relationship.

The response to the idea was remarkable!

One person who was especially taken with the idea was Bob O’Dell, who stepped up and asked to partner with me in this endeavor. Bob is a faithful Christian businessman (and a wonderful guy!) and since then we both bring our talents to this project for the benefit of its members and the glory of God.

As our mission statement reads, we are bringing thousands of years of authentic Jewish knowledge to Christians and bridging the chasm between these two faith communities.

It is a tall order, but with God’s help we are accepting the challenge.


Well! I succeeded! In much less than five hundred words…

I look forward to reading your comments to this blog post, and invite you to send us ideas for this blog! (including guest blog posts)

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