Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: July 21, 2016

David Haivri’s daughter Hagar was married this year.  Below is a free excerpt from a new lesson that he has included on his Root Source channel entitled: Israel and the Nations.

The lesson is a narrated version of the wedding, where he has overlaid his commentary on top of the festivities, explaining what is going on in the beautiful Hebrew ceremony.

David also explains what is typical in a orthodox Jewish wedding, versus some of the less common things that happened in this particular event.


The full version of this wedding video will be made available immediately to anyone who joins Root Source and selects David’s channel: Israel and the Nations. In addition, David stands ready to answer your questions about this event and weddings in general.

You will need to Join Root Source by August 1st, 2016 to take advantage of this special.

Remember that all Root Source members may select any two channels from our channel listing, with additional channels added at an low monthly rate. If you are not satisfied with any particular channel, you can request to change channels at any time.

See our affordable Root Source rates by clicking here.


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