Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: March 08, 2018

In the article I was interviewed for, I clarify my position that Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu will not resign or be toppled because the the political hulubaloo making that attempt.

In Israel, the Prime Minister is the leader of the largest party in the multi-party House of Government, the Knesset. Israel has numerous parties, as opposed to the two party system of the United States, for example. This requires a coalition of parties to join and govern, and any party that is left out of the coalition is in the opposition.

But there is an unofficial opposition, and that is the media, which is perceived as being much more left wing and anti-Likud (Netanyahu’s party) than the general public. The media also uses its power to influence the public. But as I write in the article, the public is not buying it. And Netanyahu, the consummate politician, is doing a great job of making sure it stays that way.

Here is the article, in which I am quoted from about half way through:
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