Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: April 22, 2018

Gidon seemed to be in his element leading the first-ever ten day long Root Source Tour along with his friend, Pastor Trey Graham.

Gidon Ariel (Photo: Bob O’Dell)

On the actual day of national celebration of the 70th Anniversary, April 19th, we stopped at Latrun whose hill guarded access to Jerusalem in 1948.

Latrun on the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Israel (Photo: Bob O’Dell)

Different locations in Israel take on the responsibility of remembering different aspects of military service. Latrun’s is the center of the tank brigade remembrance. While there, Gidon found the insignia of his own tank corps and posed for a picture.

Gidon Ariel Posing in Front of His Tank Battalion Insignia (Photo: Bob O’Dell)

And finally, here you can see his excitement to share a tour of a Yeshiva in Gush Etsion, looking at the outside of the building built in the shape of an eagle to bring remembrance to God’s statement in Exodus that He had brought the Children of Israel out of Egypt on eagle’s wings.

Gidon in front of the Gush Etsion Yeshiva (Photo: Bob O’Dell)


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