Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: November 08, 2015

3dbook-rszThere is no doubt that many if not all of our Root Source subscribers believe in the biblical promise to Abraham regarding the nations of the world (Genesis 12:3): “Those who bless you [Abraham’s descendants; the Jewish People] will be blessed.”

We wrote a full chapter about this in our book Israel FIRST! In fact, that is really what we meant by the very title of the book!

As readers of Root Source and Israel FIRST!, we would like to give you an opportunity to help us to help you and others. Here is a list of easy things that you can do that can help us tremendously:

  • Review our book on Amazon: If you’ve ever bought any item on Amazon, you can review Israel FIRST! You can surely base your writing on our free ebook sample chapter.
  • Review on other sites: Including Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, Book Depository, whatever your favorite online bookseller is.
  • Post about the book on your own page: Whether you have your own blog, website, or simply a Facebook page, tell your audience about us!
  • Follow us on social media: We have a facebook page you can like, a Twitter account you can follow, a Youtube channel to watch. If you are on any of these platforms, we’re happy to engage.
  • Suggest to a popular blogger to blog about it: If you follow a popular relevant blogger, especially if you have a personal relationship with him or her (but not only if you have such a relationship), tell us or them, so they will consider posting about Israel FIRST!
  • Refer us to churches, radio programs, etc. for us to speak at: We are very happy to speak to your community. There’s logistics to attend to, but an invitation is always the first step.
  • The obvious: if you haven’t already, join Root Source and buy Israel FIRST!
  • Suggest other things to us: We don’t know everything! Your suggestion might be a winner!

NOTE: Most of these suggestions refer to our book Israel FIRST! but referring Root Source to your friends, blogging about the site, getting us interviews – all these are helpful and a blessing for us as well!

God bless you!

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