Author: Gidon Ariel

Published Date: November 16, 2017


Dear Friends,   

We at Root Source are working full time to provide the best possible access to authentic Jewish wisdom taught by loving Israeli teachers for Christians worldwide.

We are excited to announce a major redesign of our site that will make your access to Root Source channels and lessons much easier, faster, cheaper and more enjoyable!

From now on, ALL Root Source content is available instantly for all Ewe Lamb, Turtle Doves and Fine Flour members.  

Current members will have their accounts transitioned to this new “Netflix-style” model over the next few weeks, at no additional cost!

Not yet a member? Sign up for membership between now and December 31, and get our special pricing.

Remember, we offer you our content at three pricing levels in the spirit of Leviticus 5:6-11:

  • Ewe Lambs Plan ($27 a month, $270 a year) – Standard price
  • Turtle Doves Plan ($19 a month, $189 a year) – discount for lower income subscribers
  • Fine Flour Plan ($9.99 a month) – deep discount, for those not employed, residents of third world countries, and other special situations that only you know.

We will be raising prices on January 1, so lock in a lower membership price now!

And that’s not all. Together with this new model, we will be announcing brand new content in the coming weeks, in addition to our existing channels:

There are currently over 700 lessons — 777 to be exact 🙂

Remember, Root Source teachers are blessed through your monthly subscription, so the more you give, the more you bless Israel! Genesis 12:3.

We also are reminding you that we are grateful to accept your contributions to Root Source via Teach For Israel, a 501c3 tax deductible corporation.


Gidon Ariel and Bob O’Dell

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