Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: May 12, 2017

The following is an invited blog post from a Christian Root Source reader. Her name is being withheld upon her request.

At the Heart of Judaism

A Perspective from a Non-Jew

The courage of a father who prayed on Temple Mount at his daughter’s funeral while Police averted their gaze.
The resilience of a man who envisaged fresh, new trees arise from the ashes of the burned landscape of the Promised Land.
The tenacity of an elderly artist who lost everything in the blaze but ‘shall start again’.
The tender kindness of two women who often remind me that ‘we are your family’.
The thought to renovate a ‘place of prayer’ where families and friends gathered together regularly to remember the accidental deaths of two sons. The place vandalized and burned.
The vision of a man who saw a need for Jews and Christians to overcome rancour, strife, enmity. The commitment of the Jewish man and Christian friend to devise a means to that end.
The support and talent of Jewish teachers. The delicate, reverential analysis, of a revived language by teachers and scholars.
The wonderful kindness, love and generosity of being taken to:
  • ‘fly high’ to see archeological remains of giant shoeprints where God tabernacled with Israel in the wilderness.
  • take a boat down the Jordan to see sights that the Lord Jesus saw.
  • go from Jerusalem to Galilee, across the sea to Tiberias…..feel the breeze, touch the water, hear the friendly chatter and
  •  laughter.
  • walk a busy market street in Jerusalem.
  • attend a webinar. Jews and Christians together.
  • see thousands of Jews praying at the Western Wall.
  • feel the absolute delight of Israel…..a Sovereign State ?!
  • ponder the East Gate …..closed but we wait.
In Thy mercy LORD God, may my friends whom Thou knowest, read Thy Word, understand Thy Purpose and accept the Salvation Thou hast provided in Thy Son. There is no other whereby we can be saved.
To Thee be the Glory, Dominion and Power.
Thy Will be done.
God Bless.
P.R.  🙂


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