Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: March 31, 2016

In our book Israel FIRST! we said all nations would be held accountable for their behavior before God. God increases the pressure to we might turn back to Him!

In this new Seven Year cycle we just entered, we have already seen an increase in God’s pressure all around the world.

How shall we respond? Or let me ask pose that question to myself personally: “How are you responding, Bob O’Dell?”

In addition to my work with Gidon at Root Source, I have been investing a significant amount of my own time and resources to plan and support a brand-new conference called

The idea is so simple and powerful:

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Let’s go back to the exact place where America was founded in 1607, on the 409th anniversary of that founding,Repent for the Sins of America, and Rededicate to God’s original plan for America.

Our speakers include Bob Bakke, Jenifer LeClaire, Rick Curry, and more. But don’t just come to hear them speak, come to take action and PRAY and REPENT with them. is free to attend, because you can’t put a price on repentance.

Don’t come to hear me speak. I’m not speaking. But I will be standing right alongside of you to pray for America.  I’ll be standing right alongside of you asking that this Jubilee year might be the year that God unleashes the greatest awakening that America has ever known.

Friday April 29th is the Gregorian anniversary of the Founding of America and Saturday April 30th is the Jewish calendar anniversary of the founding! What better way to spend Saturday April 30th than holding a solemn assembly of prayer and repentance as in Nehemiah Chapter 9.

Go to the website at and RSVP today for this amazing event in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

See you there!


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