Author: Bob O'Dell

Published Date: April 13, 2016


I am grateful to the Lord and very pleased to be able to report that is now filling up with hundreds of attendees already having told us they are planning to attend.


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Our speakers include Bob Bakke, Jenifer LeClaire, Rick Curry, and more. But don’t just come to hear them speak, come to take action and PRAY and REPENT with them.

Friday April 29th is the Gregorian anniversary of the Founding of America and Saturday April 30th is the Jewish calendar anniversary of the founding! What better way to spend Saturday April 30th than holding a solemn assembly of prayer and repentance as in Nehemiah Chapter 9. April 30th is the national day of repentance this year. is free to attend, because you can’t put a price on repentance.  RSVP today!

NOTE:  Bob is involved with the planning of this event. While it is not a Root Source sponsored event, it impacted Bob significantly, so we are making an exception and providing a space for him to post this message. Your comments are always welcome.

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