Bob O’Dell of Root Source plays “Paul the Apostle” at a recent Christian gathering of the Exploits Conference of Peter and Christine Darg.

After taking some unrehearsed questions from the audience he addresses the audience and tells them what is different today versus the challenges he faced.

We recently put out a story about Paul and the midrash, where six of Paul’s letters include a midrash, or commentary, on the first six books of the Bible.  But part of this video addresses the “why” question. It seems that there are two theories: (1) that Paul deliberately hid, or at least obfuscated it, and (2) that he did not hide it, that it was known in his day, but simply got lost to history and needed to be rediscovered in the twenty-first century.  For fun, in this particular video I take the position that Paul hid it, and I try to offer a reason as to WHY he might have done so!  But, do know that I am personally still sitting on the fence about which is more likely.  I simply don’t know!  (26:05)

This talk concludes with a Poem that is posted in a separate blog post.

4 thoughts on “Paul the Apostle visits Jerusalem at Feast of Tabernacles 2018”

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    So good! This is such an amazing enactment of Paul’s Midrash/commentary of the Torah based on David Pitcher’s discoveries. God’s word is so incredible and alive. I so love the threads of truth that God leaves for us to mine and the treasures that are revealed to us s we dig deeper into His Word. Thank you.

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    I don’t think he hid it at all. I believe his readers/listeners would have known exactly what he was doing, especially since it was the typical way of teaching.

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      Hi Abigail, Yes I agree that this is the other possibility. The skit would not have been quite as interesting, so I went with the other option! Blessings, Bob.

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    I don’t think he hid it all. It was the typical way of teaching and I think everyone would have known that. 🙂

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