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Instant Hebrew

Instant Hebrew from Root Source! The perfect way to begin!

Root Source now offers a stand-alone product that teaches you how to learn how to read and write Hebrew in just 2 hours, called Instant Hebrew.

This wonderful product has helped thousands of people, and only takes about 2 hours of video instruction, available to you 24/7. The instructor is excellent and she walks you thru everything slowly starting with aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It’s fun and much easier than you may think!

Can I pause or repeat any portion? Yes!

Can I watch it again months or years from now if I want a refresher? Yes!

How much does it cost? Only $27, a one-time fee. Regularly $37 on, but you get a special price because of our association with Root Source instructor Seth Young.

I want this

Why should I purchase this product? We recommend this purchase if:

  • You are interested in learning Hebrew, and you don’t know where to begin!
  • You want to pronounce the Hebrew characters written on pages of the Bible, street signs, store signs, etc.
  • You want to write down the Hebrew characters on paper and to be able to pronounce what you just wrote.
  • You have already joined Root Source and are watching the Instant Biblical Hebrew channel taught by Seth Young. This course is Seth’s favorite “getting started” course. He recommends his students take this course during their first month or so of watching his channel.

FAQ: HOW DO I VIEW THE VIDEOS? Once you purchase this product, your Instant Hebrew course will be available here on your Gumroad account space.

More questions? Just contact us here:

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