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Jubilee NOW! Final Edition

Category: BookPublished Date: October 02, 2018ISBN: 978-9657738108Pages: 240
Author: Gidon Ariel and Bob O’Dell

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In 2015, shortly before Rosh Hashana of the current Hebrew year 5776, Bob O’Dell and Gidon Ariel published Israel FIRST! The Key to Understanding the Blood Moons, Shemitah, Promises to Israel, and the Coming Jubilee. In it, the authors laid out their theory about how all of these components come together to shed light on what God is doing in Israel and the whole world, and how in fact Israel is a light tower for God’s plans. These plans call for Christians and all God-fearers to turn to Him and especially to focus on their relationship with His People, Israel, the Jewish People.

Today, with massive changes underway in our world, it is our responsibility to explore and delve deeply into the concept of the Jubilee, the Yovel, and try to understand what God means for us to know and do.

While the term “Jubilee” has been used by many, barely any books have been written for Christians concerning the Jubilee. Not only have O’Dell and Ariel introduced this topic with Jubilee Now, published in 2016, seeking to solve the mystery of the lost Jubilee, but they have now come back in 2018 with a new book that they believe is their final word on the matter, thus the title, Jubilee Now! Final Edition.

In Jubilee NOW! Final Edition, readers join the authors in a journey of discovery, each chapter bringing you one step closer to solving an ancient mystery, rediscovering God’s plans and purposes: Jubilee Now! This book is a journey of discovery, a path of many twists and turns, where YOU and the authors examine the history, watch the events between late 2015 and early 2018, and be inspired, surprised, and amazed to learn that what God sees in the Jubilee is bigger than any of us ever imagined.

The name we gave this book, Jubilee NOW!, rings back to its prequel, Israel FIRST! Our title, therefore, is actually a prayer, beseeching God that He will do His will, and may that will include the blessings of the Jubilee.


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