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Jews, Christians and Passover: An Abyss or A Bridge? The Nathaniel Foundation-Root Source Symposium: Passover 2021

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April 08, 2022
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Publisher’s Introduction by Gidon ArielForeword by Dr. Victoria Sarvadi
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The Nathaniel Foundation – Root Source Passover Symposium held in March 2021 proved to be a stellar model of friendly discussion and open dialogue, free from dogmatic debate, intolerant opinions, and intense arguments. We were put at ease when we established the mutual guidelines of trust, and were greatly encouraged as we explored our commonalities and Messianic expectations. The experience has paved a way to a new era of possibilities. It’s a shame that it has taken several millennia to reconcile with our brothers and sisters who, like us, also love the Father of all Creation. May we continue to walk and grow together as we share in His Love and Light.

Read a sample chapter here: Passover, the Seder, and Future of Christian-Jewish Relations by Dr. Marvin Wilson.

See the recording of the symposium here.

Session One: March 14, 2021

Passover: The Holiday of Faith by Sharon Ra’anan
Rediscovering the Threshold Covenant by Dr. Richard Booker
The Hebrew Word for Passover by Rabbi Avraham Norin
Passover and the Jewish Roots of Jesus’ Teachings by Dr. Brad Young
The Cup of Redemption by David Nekrutman
Suffering Messiah, Suffering Nation, World Redemption: A Hebraic-Christian Perspective by Dr. Bron Barkley

Session Two: March 21, 2021

One God, Two Miracles, Two Living Faiths by Dr. John Garr
The Spiritual and Philosophical Underpinnings of Passover by Rabbi Gedalia Meyer
Four Passover Questions for Sharing after the Shoah by Dr. Robert Bleakney
The Jewish Perspective on Biblical Miracles by Rabbi Ken Spiro
Passover, the Seder, and Future of Christian-Jewish Relations by Dr. Marvin Wilson
The Very First Passover Celebration (Exodus 12) by Rabbi Yehuda Glick

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