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The 36: A Modern Quest in the Ancient Holy Land

Published Date:
September 30, 2021
Paperback ISBN:
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Author: Josh Even-chen

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“The 36” – A journey of mystery and mysticism in the Holy Land, where the answers to the present lay hidden in the past.

Jerusalem 70-73 CE… the city falls to the Romans and the last rebels make a final stand at Masada.
Jerusalem 1854… a mysterious cave is exposed underneath the Temple Mount.
Jerusalem 2010… a prominent religious figure is abducted by a shadowy group.

Three separate stories that merge into one…Adir, an Israeli Antiquities Authority law enforcement agent is tasked to locate an abducted prominent religious figure. Events quickly spiral out of control as the ex-IDF commando confronts scenarios not covered in any training manual. Together with his estranged Hassidic brother – Yitzchak, they race through Israel’s holiest cities and sites, following a trail of riddles. Facing spiritual challenges and physical obstacles, their movements are hindered by a mysterious secret society – “The 36.” As their time runs out, the brothers’ fortitude, and their relationship, is pushed to the limits. As Adir searches for answers, his mission develops into a quest: a quest to find a missing person, a quest to reforge a relationship with his estranged father and twin brother, a quest to locate the lost 2000-year-old temple artifacts… and a quest to find himself.

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