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The LIST: Persecution of Jews by Christians Throughout History

Category: BookPublished: July 21, 2019ISBN: 978-9657738139
Authors:Ray MontgomeryBob O’Dell
  Bless Israel Paperback  PDFAmazon

The LIST is a detailed look through the window of time into the sins of our Church forefathers committed against the Jewish people throughout Christian history.

“A monumental resource.” Rev. Dr. Ronald A Sparks. Retired Army Reserve Chaplain.

“Will capture the hearts and minds of this generation.” Dr. Brad Young, Oral Roberts University.


The LIST is comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and almost overwhelming in its scope in revealing the depth and depravity of the sins of our Church forefathers. The LIST is a compilation of more than 800 atrocities committed by Christians, Christian nations, or in the name of Christ, against the Jews over the past two millennia. Never before has this amount of research been compiled into a single volume by Christians, for Christians.

The LIST reveals the riveting truth about Christian involvement in not just the Holocaust, the Crusades and the Inquisition, but a massive collection of atrocities you may have never known about. Besides its breadth of scope, The LIST goes deep as well. You will read Martin Luther’s antisemitic writings which were used as the blueprint for the Nazis during Kristallnacht in 1938.

You will read portions of the anti-Jewish writings from our highly respected Church fathers. You will watch history unfold as the Jews are restricted, confined, and even blamed for natural disasters, paying with their freedom, their possessions, and ultimately their lives.

The LIST is well-researched, and is a reference source written without malice. Yet we challenge any reader to enter this book and not to leave it without great pause for ponder. Starting simply, The LIST will begin to pull you into its many stories, as the pace quickens and hatred rises. You will inevitably find yourself asking, “How could this have happened?”, followed by “What now prevents its repetition?”

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