Rabbi Gidon brings us closer to the essential prayers of Judaism in this new lesson on Verses of Praise. Prayer is like climbing a mountain in the morning. We will be learning a lot of Biblical Hebrew in this lesson, too.

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8 thoughts on “Pseukei Dezimra Verses of Praise 1”

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    Dear Gidon & Co.,
    Thank you SOOO very much for this series of tutorials!! I am a Catholic-raised (turned) Bible Christian who did not understand (or completely misunderstood) many things until I began to study Judaic tradition and teaching, endeavoring to see from a completely different perspective. Doing so has explained so much and opened my eyes to things I likely would NEVER have understood, and has helped me to help others.
    Endeavoring to study Biblical Hebrew (and some Greek) on my own has been very challenging, and these lessons are timely and truly G-d-sent. I just received my copy of “Israel First” and am very excited to read it. ‘Just wanted to say “Thank you” and express my gratitude for all your efforts on everyone’s behalf! Please keep up the great work and know that it makes a difference!
    May G-d bless and keep you and yours!

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    Fantastic…..I have my siddur here open and really really (me’od) enjoyed this thorough treatment of the beginning of this teaching series. Todah! Shavuot tov …

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    Yvonne Crawford -Palmer

    Shalom Gideon
    I was converted to Judaism I am not living in walking distance to a Synagogue so I am not having the teaching that I need to grow I know basic Hebrew your teaching is a big help how do I subscribe to your teaching? Yvonne Crawford -Palmer.

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    Gideon, Shalom! thanks for your comments on II Cronicle 16, and the technicalities on biblical Hebrew.

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